Nov 26

Comment on: Top 7 Trends for Social Media in 2014 | TomorrowToday

This is an interesting article. As a Church social media advocate, I have to sift through a lot of content to glean where social media is going and determine how best the Church can adopt the latest, and even if it should.

I agree with your take on visual content being a no brainer. This becomes even more relevant if one considers that technology has advanced such that embedded text on images is now searchable. Where then in the past one would have to have both visual and textual content, these are now combined into a single experience.

Again your take on short video is relevant as I find myself making the same decisions. Time is the most valuable asset we possess and we don’t want to waste it. Keep it short. Keep it simple. Keep it worthwhile.

As to targeted content, “everyone” is talking about it. That’s why personal information is so important and must be shared wisely.

Interesting to read about internal social networking. I have heard of a number of companies that have blocked social networks due to time waste by employees, so it will be interesting to see how the early adopters of this trend fare.

From a Church social media perspective, all of your points are worth taking note of. The one that stands out for me though is how are enterprise social networks going to impact both the Church and businesses? For businesses, closed social networks (and I’m assuming ESN’s will essentially be closed networks) means they lose potential customers both in direct marketing reach as well as in brand engagement and awareness.

For the Church (institution), we lose our ability to reach and influence seekers. But we are better off than businesses in that we will still have the ability to still reach potential people through church members reaching out to their colleagues. Becoming purposefully social becomes far more important as it cannot be left over to the church institution to try reach these people anymore; everyone is going to have to be involved.

Thanks for the article.

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